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Oh how we suffer for fashion during the taping of Kid Cudi’s new video Mr. Rager, Surface to Air had a teeny tiny problem with their generator on NYC’s street. It burst into flames stopping filming. Eventually all was well and Jeremie Rozan jumped back into the directors chair to finish it off.  Kid Cudi is the inspriration for Surface to Air’s new leather jackets.  Each will run you $1220 a pop.




Kid Cudi Covers Complex

A deep throaty voice will get you a pass anytime. It is a proven scientific fact a Man’s voice which is deeper in tone makes the listener more apt to pay attention. Off top Kid Cudi makes that cut and then some he is now out of his drug haze bringing forth new music . Cudi sat down with Complex for its October issue and took sometime to speak on his comings and going in the industry.

Kid Cudi is wearing Dolce and Gabbana 

Is that drug hangover why you disappeared after you released your second album?
I wanted to clear my head, besides detox. I had to look at the root of the whole problem, and that was work and the business.

How so?
I wasn’t trying to hear it from nobody. I’m not even going to attack the people in my life that didn’t step in and try to stop it, ’cause I was just so bullheaded. There’s no way to slow somebody when they’re speeding down a path of destruction.

I thought I was dealing with it in the proper way. I was in the moment. And when you’re that young, with that opportunity, all that money, and all that respect and power, sometimes you run with it. ’Cause I was like, “Man, you don’t know if this shit’s gon’ be here tomorrow.” -source

photo by pamela littky