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The legging trend just will not die and since it is not going anywhere anytime soon it might as well segue into prints. Makes sense? So lets make way for zig zags, star burst, acid wash look, splattered paint (ugh), hey we might as well throw Batman’s insignia on our backsides again because you know it is coming. Pretty soon airbrushing your nickname down your pants leg will be back on the mainstream. Appearing as a $500 trend. Hell, I am not complaining the trend is actually kind of fun, shocking rooms full of people with a loud unexpected print across my backside. Priceless.

Peep Joan Smalls posing in the galaxy leggings by Rag and Bones in between shows at fashion week in Paris. She rocked it well. In case you missed these in your swag bag you can get your own for $176 from Rag and Bones.



 Gareth Pugh Legging $

Rozae R.N. Jacquard Knit Leggings $468

Blue Area Legging $575