Scenario: Head bared down with your chin tuck into your neck, elbows tightly gripping your side’s; gloved hands shoved deep in your coat pockets as you try to quickly make your way to warm shelter. Old man winter is determined to beat you down with each step clawing at every open crevice. Then the inevitable happens you hear the freaking cell phone, you have a text message. Dang it.  Can’t quite send a text back with thick winter gloves on so off they come.  Eventually repeating this ritual of on again off again increases the chances of your phone landing in a puddle of winter’s residue (yellow snow and slush).  Leaving you cold and pissed off.

Not this season Chari and Co have got a “Smart Glove”. 

 You can pull back the tops of the index fingers and thumbs allowing you to text away. Giving you easy access to your Ipad, smart phones or ATM touch screen for that matter. There is even a hidden slide slit on the thumb for your pointer giving you even more advantages in the point and click department. The best part is your gloves stay on leaving your devices a little safer. Pick up a pair at for $75. Last year they sold out of the 800 pair they had. So be quick about it.




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