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Mr. Kennedy has created $19,000 24 carat gold shoe laces using artisan methods to produce these little decadent lace ups. Each purchase is limited to 10 units for the gold and 30 units for the silver. If your pockets aren’t running deep enough for the gold you can perhaps indulge in the silver laces for $3,000 a pair.



 A drop of scented oil behind the ear, a spritz of perfume on the wrist. Tisk, tisk, applying perfume the old way?  Lucy McRae an Amsterdam-based artist and synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy create Swallowable Parfum. A capsule containing synthetic fragrant lipid molecules is swallowed as it breaks down in the body it excretes fragrant molecules through your perspiration. The skin basically becomes an atomizer allowing the scent to emanate from within if you have ever eaten too many onions and smelled it coming out of your pours. You get the picture. The body customizes the scent based on the individual’s acclimatization to temperature, stress, exercise or sexual arousal. Swallowable Parfum will give you a good BO however the after taste may leave something to be desired. This  Off The Grid find is still in the research stage.

“Swallowable Parfum is a cosmetic capsule that enables human skin to emit a genetically unique scent about who we are and how we perform our identities. Once absorbed the skin becomes a platform, an atomizer; A biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body, redefining the role of skin.”-source



Ophelie Hats Orgasm

Fall time means accessories, accessories, accessories; Ophelie Hats keeps your pretty in check while adding a little wicked to your fall wardrobe.  A hat could be a clear indication of style or a clear indication of don’t look at me I am having a very bad day and my suffering will continue until I am on my couch with a pint of ice cream. Wearing Ophelie Hats will make none the wiser. No bad hair days here just pretty, pretty, pretty.



Trends+Off The Grid

A sideways glance is considered to be compliment on Come on look at me take a hard look because you may look crossed eye now; however, pretty soon you will be using the phrase heard time and time again “I’ll have what she is having.” In our Trend+Off The Grid page fellow Chicagoan Billy Rood is clearly on the come up recently featured on Ben Trovato’s fashion photography blog he found the right side of pretty shooting in Gary, In. Turning an upside down frown into a smile.

Shoe below by gasoline glamour, spiked chiquita

Covered in Swarovski crystals handmade to order