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Spring is only 20 days away, eye make up is really popping for spring. Usually with spring you begin to see everyone ease up on the makeup gas pedal, opting for a fresh light look. Sitehoney says boooooooo to the light prissy look, bring on the drama. Pour it up, pour it up.

Blue eye shadows

LFW SS2013: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Catwalk

photo- gareth cattermole (getty images)

Versus - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear S/S 2013

photo- vittorio zunino celotto

Bold Brows

bold brows spring 2013

photo-imax tree

If the blue shadow is to bold for you go for a soft green. Make the trend pop your way.

eye make up spring 2013

photo -imax tree

No top coat needed with Ciate’ s Velvet Manicure, Creative Director, Charlotte Knight is always experimenting with luxurious textures and her latest is this unique play on velvet.  Much like their caviar manicure you coat your nail with a top coat and sprinkle on the velvet.  Pick it up @

Each kit should run $19

Ciate’ Mink Cashmere


Ciate’ Berry Poncho


Ciate’ Blue Suede



Take a cue from “The Real Roxanne” and stand out with a bold cat eye.  Another trending throwback, this dramatic look can lead into an impromptu date night or a night out with your girls.  Just watch out for Romeo in the blue shoe skins.  Romeoooooo. Forgot? Has it been that long? Take a listen to “Romeo” .

Joey Bra wants to liberate women from their purses. The side pocket bra allows you to tuck your IPhone, ID, Credit Card, and of course the king of all kings, cash.  This can come in handy while out and about with no coat check. Created by two college students the patent is still pending as the duo style innovators collect more funds through  Big mama has been stashing cash in her bra for many moons so this is only a teensy bit “Off the Grid.” It has a cute factor.

The spring and summer trend is riding high right now so we  thought  we would jump on the band wagon too.  Well not really since it is just a classic trend making a resurgence as a “new trend. ” We’re good right?  You can’t argue down a classic. Take a look.


Here is a quick tip to prevent feathering: Exfoliate lips with your body scrub, before applying lipstick use a lip pencil of the same shade. This will prevent bleeding. Smooches XOXO



The price of a luxury bag really should come with a gas pedal and four wheels attached, it should be doing something else besides carrying your wears.

Double duty. Richard Nicoll and Vadafone have paired up to launch a luxury handbag doing just that.  Nicoll’s handbags were introduced during Londons Fashion week last month, your Blackberry, Androids, tablets, etc can get juiced up on the go.  Okay this is how it works you charge the bag up and it  can hold the charge for about two days. The cables are retractable and hidden from view. Nicoll’s handbag also has an outside led light that indicates incoming calls.  No price available yet.



Ciate’ Caviar Manicure Kits

UK based Ciate’ launching Caviar Manicure kits, which should be available in Sephora stores and soon. These luxury kits can be added to the list of hot new nail trends. Applying the trendy little beads is relatively straight forward. After applying the polish included in the kit you sprinkle the beads over the top; once you have the desired coverage you press the beads in a bit to make sure they are lodge into the polish. Let dry for 15-20 minutes and done.  As soon as the price point is released we will let you know.

If you are concerned about chemicals don’t frette according to Ciate’it  is a 5 FREE brand completely free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (dibutyl phthalate), formaldehyde resin, camphor and is even cruelty free (never tested on animals).

Scenario: Head bared down with your chin tuck into your neck, elbows tightly gripping your side’s; gloved hands shoved deep in your coat pockets as you try to quickly make your way to warm shelter. Old man winter is determined to beat you down with each step clawing at every open crevice. Then the inevitable happens you hear the freaking cell phone, you have a text message. Dang it.  Can’t quite send a text back with thick winter gloves on so off they come.  Eventually repeating this ritual of on again off again increases the chances of your phone landing in a puddle of winter’s residue (yellow snow and slush).  Leaving you cold and pissed off.

Not this season Chari and Co have got a “Smart Glove”. 

 You can pull back the tops of the index fingers and thumbs allowing you to text away. Giving you easy access to your Ipad, smart phones or ATM touch screen for that matter. There is even a hidden slide slit on the thumb for your pointer giving you even more advantages in the point and click department. The best part is your gloves stay on leaving your devices a little safer. Pick up a pair at for $75. Last year they sold out of the 800 pair they had. So be quick about it.





Totting around your own liquor is not exactly high end fashion neither is drinking boxed wine. However there is always an exception to any rule especially if it is snazzy. Scandinavian Design Center has created a “Baggy Winecoat” with a tip proof rubber bottom making your boxed Vino a little stylish or at the least inconspicuous. Simply slide out the plastic baggy from its boxed home and slip it into to your “purse” and walla you got a little bit of your dignity back. Certainly better than finding a piece of lint covered candy at the bottom of your purse for a pick me up. Pick it up from Scandinavian Design Center for $55.69.

photo: scandinavian design center