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Take urban style and knitting needles and see were it leads…you would probably be lead right to Yokoo’s door step. Sitehoney  adores indie designer Yokoo on Etsy, her style cup runneth over.

prices start @ $30 and go up

Dookie Chain $85 +

Yarn dookie chainYOKO DOOKIE CHAIN

She also has limited designs available @; however, you can catch her @ her Etsy store.

Yokoo doesn’t just knit she also has hand painted necklaces perfect for springtime. Check out her Europa Necklace below.

Europa $125


photos: yokoo

Mr. Kennedy has created $19,000 24 carat gold shoe laces using artisan methods to produce these little decadent lace ups. Each purchase is limited to 10 units for the gold and 30 units for the silver. If your pockets aren’t running deep enough for the gold you can perhaps indulge in the silver laces for $3,000 a pair.



Fashion photographer Advan Matthews creates a beautiful story with his new project Piano Black. In case you have not followed it from the beginning here is a snippet of Part 1 Serenade:Nerfertiti.

Dress below by Sapto Djojokartiko 

Dress above by Tex Saverio

Serenade: Nefertiti” was inspired by the most beautiful woman in Athens, Nefertiti. The term Serenade itself in classical piano means the music to give honor. This is a part of my new project “Piano Black – Serenade” where it portrays world’s icons, presented in fashion and twisted in between authenticity and current’s trend.” Advan says, and explains further: “-The images depict her life since she was a young girl (1), until she started to have power(2), then became the Great Royal Wife(3), her appearance on the war on behalf of her royal rule and religious worship(4), statue of her(5), and mysterious disappearing or best described of Death of Nefertiti/Mummy(6).”-Source

photo by Advan Matthews